Dancing holidays are a wonderful way to indulge and develop your passion, be it for salsa, bachata or any other latin dance. You may already be an experienced amateur dancer hoping to sharpen your technique with the help of expert instructors, or you might be an enthusiastic beginner looking to start a new hobby.

emoji® – The Official Brand | Couple dancing tango Dancing is a form of language, where gaining fluency can be both challenging and immensely fun. And like many languages it can    

              sometimes be tricky to untangle a dance’s actual roots emoji® – The Official Brand | Couple dancing tango

Ideal for solo travellers as well as couples or groups of friends, relaxed but constructive workshops where everyone is accompanied by a professional partner introduce you to the origins and techniques of famous dances, and explore how they fit in with local culture. And, in countries such as Greece, lessons can also be combined with exciting evenings out to popular nightspots where you can show off your moves.

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Dancing Holidays